1 Ekim 2013 Salı

Gezmece-Tozmaca "GREAT CITY - MALAGA "


This write is about a city which i was in there and i loved much. This write is also about this city how effect me!

I used to live in Turkey. I still live in Turkey as physically  not mentally  I have been different countries' different cities but Malaga, this city is absuletly for me. I love sun, there is a lot of sunshine. I love people who dont care others life, there are a lot of people in there. On the other hand, i like people who like to chat with friends and other peoples who they dont know before, Malaga has this kind of people. I was thinking about that every people say ' hello' to other people who they dont know before when they meet in street, in coffee  in hotel, in every where, when i was in Malaga, a lot of people said me 'hola' even they dont know me before. When i was dreaming about this kind system, i thought it s just dream, i could not be real but Malaga succeed it. Their people succeed and have good connection with other people.

I was thinking about a city which could have modern and old structures together in the same place, Malaga have historical places and modern places together inside. They live together with not disturbing each other  People can live what type of live they want.
I used to want to meet people who live their dream, in Malaga i visit my friend and chat with her. She told me her story; she is an engineer, she want to do master in her university and she works an ice-cream shop. When i asked that why you don't work a factory which is about engineering. She answered me that engineering is boring if you are not create anything. Working in ice-cream shop is more funny and enjoyable. Also she want to go abroad and work there. So she lives her dream, not others, even governments.

I love Malaga. I want to live there. If i will have chance, i wont think, i will get in :))

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